Plant in Altai

All collected wild plants we deliver to the plant, located in the Biysk district of Altai. Processing of raw materials begins.

  • Siberian cedar
    950-1100 kernels/ 100 g
  • Korean cedar
    730-760 kernels / 100 g

Export From Wild

We export to any country. We guarantee delivery dates, terms and prices. Specialists of the Logistics Department will offer the best route and way of delivery of your load.


All products pass frequent quality control at all stages of production. The final quality control of nuts we carry out with the help of the Italian laser separator Sea Pixel.

Controling the quality

Each batch of manufactured products passes a control of microbiological indicators in the laboratory: for water, mold and coliform organisms content.

Mold content

‹ 103 CFU/g

Coliform bacteria

Not allowed

Aflotoxins B1, B2, G1, G2

‹ 5000 mg/kg


‹ 200 bq/kg


‹ 100 bq/kg

Sending samples

At your request, we will send samples of products you are are interested in.

Concluding an contract

Let us know what products and in what volume you need, we will prepare and conclude a contract with you.


After obtaining a transport license we will send an order by a car from a warehouse in Moscow, by sea - from the terminal of St. Petersburg or Vladivostok.


After passing the customs control, the order will be delivered by car of the transport company to the terminal of your warehouse. You get the order!