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Interview with the owner of the company From Wild (deals with storage and processing of pine nuts) Andrey Neverov – prize winner of the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Russia “Best Young Entrepreneur 2012” in …


Inhabitant of Taiga by origin

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A 27-year-old Andrey Neverov from Altai has turned his business into a real tough nut that is not easy to crack for the year – what is the secret of his success.



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In February 2015 “From Wild” company took part in Russia’s largest exhibition of food industry.


Made in Taiga

We process pine nuts in ecologically clean region of Siberia

The harvest area

We process pine nut kernels from Siberian cedar pine (Pinus Siberica) and Korean pine (Pinus koraiénsis), and our berries and mushrooms are harvested in the ecologically clean regions throughout western Siberia and the Russian Far East. Every year we open our purchase centers in the Mountain Altai region and Altai Kray, and cooperate with suppliers from Buryatia and Khakassia, Tomsk Oblast and Krasnoyarsk Kray.

Production capacity:

  • 720 tons of pine nut kernels per year
  • 15 tons of pine nut oil per year
  • 15 tons of pine nut oilcake per year



The factory is equipped with the best Russian and Italian machines. In early 2015, the factory was certified for compliance with all regulations and standards of HACCP. Previously, the factory was on the quality management system ISO 9001-2011 and a system of food safety management ISO 22000-2007.​

Quality control

Each batch passes frequent quality control at all stages of production: size control, dual moisture control, quality control of the kernel purification. The final stage of quality control, we carry out with the help of the Italian separator SEA PIXEL and manual control of the organoleptic indicators of check sample.

Laboratory analysis

Every production-run undergoes microbiological control in a special laboratory. Compliance with the following indexes is checked: Mold, Colon bacillus group, B1, B2, G1 and G2 aflatoxins.The results received are included into the Quality Passport that is enclosed into your order.


  • Mold content < 10³ CFU/g
  • Coliform bacteria Not allowed
  • Aflotoxins B1, B2, G1, G2 < 0,005 mg/kg
  • Cesium-137
    < 200 Bq/kg
    Strontium-90 < 100  bq/kg
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Specialists of our logistic department are ready to organize the delivery of your order to any point of Russia. For customers from other countries we offer a container shipment by sea or by trucks to any point of Europe and near-abroad countries.

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  • Moscow Office

    Moscow, Havskaya, 11

    +7 (495) 268-01-86


  • Office in Altai

    Altay, Biysk Vasilyeva Street 57, office 2

  • The Factory in Taiga

    Russia, Altay, Biysk area, Chui village.

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