Quality control

Careful quality control. Over and over again. At every step of production.


Raw stock control

All the incoming raw material has to pass several quality control tests:
1) Mold control
Molded raw material is unsuitable for further processing. It is utilized or returned to the supplier.
2) Color control
Checking the consistency of nuts’ color allows to weed out the good nuts from the old and immature nuts.
3) Cone moisture control
It helps to increase the expiration date of the raw materials. Before processing all the moist cones have to endure the drying process at the troughed dryer.


Production control

Our products have to pass a quality control tests during every step of the production cycle:
1) Grade control
2) Double Moisture control
3) Control the quality of inclusions and washing
4) Photo separation
5) Organoleptic control
Several bags of the final product batch are subject to the hand inspection and control of organoleptic indicators.


Dual control of humidity

High humidity of the nuts is the main reason for reducing the shelf life of the finished product. We make double check of this indicator: on the stage of nuts’ drying and before performing laboratory tests. Nuts with moisture content of not more than 3% are allowed for further processing.

Optical sorting

The Italian laser separator SEA PIXEL allows to purify the final product from darkened, dried and rancid nut kernels.


Laboratory analysis

Every final product batch undergoes microbiological control in a special laboratory:
- Mold content
- Colon bacillus group content
- Acid number FFA (for oil)
- Aflatoxines B1, B2, G1, G2
- Radionuclides content

Warranty quality

The results received are included into the Quality Passport that may be enclosed into your order together with the analysis report on your demand.

  • Mold content < 10³ CFU/g
  • Coliform bacteria Not allowed
  • Aflotoxins B1, B2, G1, G2 < 0,005 mg/kg
  • Cesium-137
    < 200 Bq/kg
    Strontium-90 < 100  bq/kg
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