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Everything about our daily work and products.

Made in Taiga

We process pine nuts harvested in ecologically clean regions.

Harvest Areas

We process pine nut cones of the Siberian pine (Pinus Sibirica) and the Korean pine (Pinus Koraiénsis) harvested in ecologically clean regions of Western Siberia and the Far East. Every year we open our purchase centers in the Altai Mountains and Altai Krai; we also work with suppliers from Buryatia and Khakassia, Tomsk Oblast and Krasnoyarsk Krai.

Production capacity:

  • 1000 tons of pine nut kernels per year
  • 10 tons Of pine nut oil per year


FROM WILD’s factory today is 4,000 square meters of production facilities and warehouses, modern equipment, and qualified staff with years of experience in the field. Our products meet the Organic standards of Europe and the USA (USDA (USA) NOP, 7 CFR Part 205; EU’s No. 834/2007, No. 889/2008, No. 1235/2008). We execute corporate responsibility by providing our employees with stability, decent labor compensation, safe working conditions, fatigue management, comfortable work environment, and continuous staff training. FROM WILD aim for zero-waste production: 98% of our waste today is reused in other production branches. In 2022 our food safety management system passed the conformity certification to GFSI standards for food safety management systems (FSSC 22000).

  • from 7.5 to 5 mm Kernel size control
  • < 4% Humidity control

Quality Control

Every lot of pine nut kernels is subject to quality control at all production stages: size control, moisture control, quality control of the kernel purification, organoleptic properties control. All products get checked for compliance with the safety data in accredited Russian and European laboratories.

Laboratory Analysis

Each lot of our products gets checked for compliance with over 30 criteria: mold, yeast, total viable count, SALMONELLA, E. COLI, COLIFORM BACTERIA (COLIFORMS), Enterobacteria, Listeria monocytogenes, aflatoxins B1, B2, G1, and G2, ochratoxin A, heavy metals, radionuclides, pesticides. Pesticide checks are done in GALAB Laboratories in Europe, and they can detect over 500 types of pesticides.


  • Mold content < 10³ CFU/g
  • Coliform bacteria Not allowed
  • Aflotoxins B1, B2, G1, G2 < 0,005 mg/kg
  • Cesium-137
    < 200 Bq/kg
    Strontium-90 < 100  bq/kg


Our logistics department can arrange the delivery of your order to any country of the EU and abroad.